Photo by  Erin Fraser !

Photo by Erin Fraser!

Describing Myles can be tough. He played baseball for 16 years, and was a college level catcher. Somewhere in high school during this time playing baseball, he also taught himself guitar, how to sing, and started wearing skinny jeans. When he wasn't playing baseball, writing music, or hanging out with friends, he was playing video games. While times have changed since high school, Myles still loves music, playing sports, video games, and yes, is still wearing skinny jeans. All jokes aside, Myles loves creating. Whether it is through music, writing, or photography, he has an itch to be creative.  

Photography wise, Myles pulls inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create his own unique style and seeks to create art. He is always looking for that 'wow' factor in every image and looks to paint a vivid picture of your story.

Some of Myles' favourite images from 2017!