Europe: Amsterdam

Day one of our 5 week trip through Europe! The best deals on flights had us arriving in Amsterdam. We flew with Air France from Vancouver to Paris for a brief layover, and straight into Amsterdam airport called Schiphol. The flight had movies, food, blankets, and extra pillows which made the 9 hour and 35 minute flight quite comfortable! After gathering our things and checking into our hotel, we did exactly what you are not supposed to do after flying to Europe; we took a 3.5 hour nap. Feeling somewhat groggy, but rested we found a bus into the city centre of Amsterdam and began walking with no real plan. The streets were filled with restaurants, bicycles, tourists, bicycles, and beautiful canals. Also there were a lot of bicycles! We wandered around for a few hours, and finally found a place to eat. It was a short stay in Amsterdam, but we will be back here for the last day of our trek! Now that we have a feel for the city, we are excited to explore some more, while hopefully the weather is a bit warmer. Stay tuned for our next post, all about Paris! 

Lastly, here was the restaurant that we finally decided to eat at (after being so jet-lagged, making decisions was really hard..)! Dinner next to the canal, with boats cruising by was a great way to start off the trip, and our waiter at Het Moldenpad was so friendly and helped us with our billion questions!