Sunshine Coast

The Koebels on the Sunshine Coast!

We're tired, this year boils down to just that. We've had one of the busiest years yet and "managed" it all with a newborn. (Note to future self... don't have a baby at the beginning of wedding season) We are so grateful for our family who took care of Aspen every single weekend from the time he was 6 weeks old until the end of summer, three cheers for grandparents, aunties and uncles!

When it came time to unwind, we planned on spending a week at home doing absolutely nothing but in reality we knew we would get distracted. So we took the opportunity to book a week away on the Sunshine Coast. We have wanted to explore this part of the province for a while now but just never got around to it or always chose other destinations. The Sunshine Coast ended up being the perfect choice to force us to relax because let's admit it, there's not much to do there! We booked a rustic little cottage on the ocean and made it a point to take it slow. We spent our week wandering abandoned beaches (Seriously where was everyone? Or is there just no one around ever?), hiking through the forest and eating at little family run restaurants. We wandered around Gibsons, Roberts Creek, and Sechelt with Aspen in tow (he was amazing, best little travel buddy).

We had previously booked a family session with The McLachlans and were hoping for decent weather, anything but pouring rain. We were so lucky, our entire trip was warm and sunny including the day we had our photos done. We ventured through the forest and up a mountain for sunset photos and we cannot say enough good things about Kaylyn. She captured our little family so perfectly in one of the most beautiful places in the province.

We can't wait to go back, explore more, and eat at Basted Baker again (do yourself a favour and go for breakfast there if you're ever in Sechelt). We are feeling much more rested and ready to meet all our amazing 2018 clients!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip (please note that we are slightly obsessed with Aspen).

Aspen Theodore

We've been a little quiet over here on the blog and that's because we welcome our first born into the world!

Aspen Theodore Koebel was born at 10:08am on April 22, 2017! Aspen was measuring about 5 weeks behind and after an ultrasound on April 20th it was determined he was better off coming sooner rather than later. We were called on Friday April 21 to come to the hospital to be induced, after a minor freak out we headed to the hospital "prepared" to have a baby! When we got there, they were full so I was given an NST, checked and sent home to come back the next morning to be induced. On our way out our midwife said "pray you go into labour tonight". So on that note we left the hospital and started praying that this baby would come soon so that I wouldn't have to be induced.

We went out for dinner on one last date with just the two of us and as we sat down at the restaurant I WENT INTO LABOUR! Seriously we couldn't believe it. I ended up labouring all night before heading to the hospital around 1am where my water broke in the parking lot (cue the laughter and screaming, seriously so weird). I was admitted and laboured for 14 hours (worst pain of my life).

Just as I was about to ask for the drugs (why didn't I ask earlier?, mental note for next time. Props to you mama's who do it without), Aspen went into distress and his heart rate dropped drastically and did not come back up.

Within 30 minutes he was born via emergency c-section. Although absolutely nothing went as planned and it hurts my heart a bit how it all went down (never thought I would care, but when it happens to you, you care and you care a lot), we are so happy that he arrived healthy weighing in at 6lbs 8oz. Just going to take a minute to praise my midwives and nurses... nurses DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU, THEY ARE THE BEST HUMAN BEINGS EVER

After a few days in the hospital we came home and oh what a ride that was (why does no one prepare c-section mamma's for the car ride home? OW). We hunkered down at home for the first week while I healed (tried to heal? How are you supposed to heal from a major surgery while caring for a newborn?). We had so many visitors and help from our family and friends. We had a meal train set up by a friend and had dinner brought to us every single night for 3 weeks straight, such a blessing. Aspen stayed true to how he was in my belly and NEVER slept. You may be thinking but look at those cute photos of him snoozing... ya he didn't sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time for the first 2 months of his life (coffee please!). 

As much as I wanted to have newborn photos done right away, I was just not in any shape to have photos done (c-section recovery is no joke). After 3 weeks we had the wonderful Julie Christine from Julie Christine Photography come and capture our little family of 3 in our home. 

I probably take about 50 pictures a day of our little Aspen (not kidding, maybe even more). He'll probably be the most photographed child you know but seriously who wouldn't? Look at that little sweet face!