Mission Wedding: Rachel & Elih

Rachel & Elih Mission Wedding

We first met Rachel and Elih at Starbucks in Maple Ridge for a quick chat about their wedding day over coffee (thanks to our friends at Jack Coffee for connecting us, you guys rock!!). Everything was pretty normal until near the end of our meeting. We had mentioned wanting to do some fun pictures involving a couple in water, like a lake. We typically throw out small ideas to our couples to help think of ideas, but we never actually expect them to agree to ALL the ideas! Long story short, Rachel and Elih were down to have some fun with their pictures, and we ended up with some pretty awesome pictures in Alloutte Lake with smoke bombs going off in the background.

For their wedding day we were a bit scared to suggest anything that might have Rachel and Elih ruining their wedding day attire.. simply because we knew there was a good chance that they would say yes! 

Even though it was a November day filled with rain and wind, the warmth from these two and their friends and family made it such a great day to be a part of. Every word of encouragement. Every prayer. Every hug. Every one of these moments had such beauty and was filled with love.

We hope these images begin to tell the story of their day!