Kieran + Diane Engagement

Kieran + Diane Lighthouse Park Engagement

Kieran and Diane were so much fun to hang out with! They had just returned from a 4 week trip to Europe, and we asked probably too many questions for our own trip we plan on taking next July! 

We had planned to do pictures at Lighthouse Park in North Vancouver a few weeks ago. We could have never of imagined that the entire city would be engulfed in smoke caused by the wildfires! We pushed the day back a couple times, then finally decided that we should just go for it. We are so glad that we got to hang out with Kieran and Diane exploring one of Vancouver's many beautiful parks. Fun fact: we forgot to mention there would be some hiking involved and sure enough Diane showed up wearing heels! Lucky for everybody, she had her steel toe work boots in her car which saved her poor feet and made for some cute photos. 

We are so excited for these two and their August wedding!

Myles Koebel

Langley, BC, Canada