Shelby + Adam Pitt Lake Engagement

Shelby + Adam Pitt Lake Engagement

Shelby and Adam are in love. From the first time we met them, it was obvious. They were also the first couple to contact us through our new website!! On top of that, they were willing to drive all the way out to Pitt Lake to let us take pictures of them as the sun was just setting behind the beautiful mountains that this location provided. We were pumped.

The evening was calm and quiet making it a perfect time to get to know these two better in between taking pictures. We learned that Adam is obsessed with pugs, which was made evident by the HUGE smile on his face when one walked by, and Adam jumping at the chance to give it a few pets! We also learned that we have some pretty awesome mutual friends from the churches that we attend!

We had a great night hanging out with these two getting to know them, and are excited for their May 2016 wedding! 


Myles Koebel

Langley, BC, Canada