6 months old

Sunshine Coast

The Koebels on the Sunshine Coast!

We're tired, this year boils down to just that. We've had one of the busiest years yet and "managed" it all with a newborn. (Note to future self... don't have a baby at the beginning of wedding season) We are so grateful for our family who took care of Aspen every single weekend from the time he was 6 weeks old until the end of summer, three cheers for grandparents, aunties and uncles!

When it came time to unwind, we planned on spending a week at home doing absolutely nothing but in reality we knew we would get distracted. So we took the opportunity to book a week away on the Sunshine Coast. We have wanted to explore this part of the province for a while now but just never got around to it or always chose other destinations. The Sunshine Coast ended up being the perfect choice to force us to relax because let's admit it, there's not much to do there! We booked a rustic little cottage on the ocean and made it a point to take it slow. We spent our week wandering abandoned beaches (Seriously where was everyone? Or is there just no one around ever?), hiking through the forest and eating at little family run restaurants. We wandered around Gibsons, Roberts Creek, and Sechelt with Aspen in tow (he was amazing, best little travel buddy).

We had previously booked a family session with The McLachlans and were hoping for decent weather, anything but pouring rain. We were so lucky, our entire trip was warm and sunny including the day we had our photos done. We ventured through the forest and up a mountain for sunset photos and we cannot say enough good things about Kaylyn. She captured our little family so perfectly in one of the most beautiful places in the province.

We can't wait to go back, explore more, and eat at Basted Baker again (do yourself a favour and go for breakfast there if you're ever in Sechelt). We are feeling much more rested and ready to meet all our amazing 2018 clients!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip (please note that we are slightly obsessed with Aspen).