Europe: Prague

So it's kind of hard to blog once you've been home for a month and a half from a trip of a life time.... We are almost done blogging our European vacation, here's our short but sweet stay in Prauge, Czech Republic!

We arrived in Prague on July 22nd and didn't really have any idea of what we were going to do there besides go see the castle. This was probably the only country that I didn't really plan anything and it actually turned out to be just fine! After walking right past our AirBnb we eventually figured out where we were and were able to meet the owner of the apartment. She was so lovely and gave us free transit passes to use during our stay (came in handy when we got randomly searched by the police looking for fare evaders).

We were starving as per usual when arriving in a new country so we found a cute little outdoor restaurant along the river with live music and a nice view. We walked the historic Charles Bridge and wandered around the grounds of the old Prague Castle. My favourite part of the night was when we stumbled across this gelato place that served your ice cream in the shape of a rose with a macaroon on top (totally worth the $8 per cone, proven by our 2nd visit the next day). On our way back to our apartment we got caught in a rainstorm with no jackets or umbrellas so we just embraced the down pour as we zig zagged our way back home.

The following day was hot and sunny and we visited Prague's old town, got to go inside the castle, other old buildings and churches, saw the famous astronomical clock (I still don't get it, someone please explain the importance of this clock), and ended the night with dinner in the old town at a tiny authentic Czech restaurant. We absolutely loved Prague and our 2 days there went way too fast! Next up... Hallstatt, Austria!