Sunshine Coast

The Koebels on the Sunshine Coast!

We're tired, this year boils down to just that. We've had one of the busiest years yet and "managed" it all with a newborn. (Note to future self... don't have a baby at the beginning of wedding season) We are so grateful for our family who took care of Aspen every single weekend from the time he was 6 weeks old until the end of summer, three cheers for grandparents, aunties and uncles!

When it came time to unwind, we planned on spending a week at home doing absolutely nothing but in reality we knew we would get distracted. So we took the opportunity to book a week away on the Sunshine Coast. We have wanted to explore this part of the province for a while now but just never got around to it or always chose other destinations. The Sunshine Coast ended up being the perfect choice to force us to relax because let's admit it, there's not much to do there! We booked a rustic little cottage on the ocean and made it a point to take it slow. We spent our week wandering abandoned beaches (Seriously where was everyone? Or is there just no one around ever?), hiking through the forest and eating at little family run restaurants. We wandered around Gibsons, Roberts Creek, and Sechelt with Aspen in tow (he was amazing, best little travel buddy).

We had previously booked a family session with The McLachlans and were hoping for decent weather, anything but pouring rain. We were so lucky, our entire trip was warm and sunny including the day we had our photos done. We ventured through the forest and up a mountain for sunset photos and we cannot say enough good things about Kaylyn. She captured our little family so perfectly in one of the most beautiful places in the province.

We can't wait to go back, explore more, and eat at Basted Baker again (do yourself a favour and go for breakfast there if you're ever in Sechelt). We are feeling much more rested and ready to meet all our amazing 2018 clients!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our trip (please note that we are slightly obsessed with Aspen).

Beach Grove Golf Club Wedding: Eric & Bri

Eric & Bri Beach Grove Golf Club Wedding

Last time we met with Bri and Eric, we spent a wonderful evening at Garry Point Park in Steveston which can be viewed here! Their wedding day was super hot, with a lot of sunshine. It was so hot that we were a bit worried about being out in the sun for portraits for that long! Luckily the couple suggested an awesome little secret garden right beside the beach in Boundary Bay. The shade made for a happy bridal party, and helped us create some pretty awesome images! As the day went on, it was amazing to see the love and support from friends and family of Eric and Bri. Their friends even presented a gift to the couple that may have been acquired in the darkness of night from a local park... but I can neither confirm or deny anything. Such a joy being around as these two families join. Wishing Eric and Bri all the best as they start their lives together! 

Venue: Beach Grove Golf Club

Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller - Frocks

Hair: CC Company Hair & Makeup

Makeup: CC Company Hair & Makeup

Groomsmen Attire: Moores

Florist: Olfco

Catering: Beach Grove Golf Club

Band/DJ: Xtreme Event Group Inc


Europe: Nice

We arrived in Nice via a 5.5 hour train ride from Paris on July 4th. Lets just say I wasn't too prepared for the 35 degree heat as I was wearing jeans and a sweater after it was raining in Paris. The trek to our AirBnb was therefore torture for me... we took the wrong NON air conditioned tram along with walking the wrong way before finally realizing our mistake. We hopped back on the tram and finally asked someone for help with the directions, a kind French lady walked about the 10 minute walk with us all the way to the door of our apartment! Can I just say I love when strangers are kind?! Anyways we were met by our AirBnb host who showed us our cute little apartment in the centre of Old Town Nice. (Fun fact: Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in the building next to us for 6 months way back when!) Daniel was so kind and provided us with all the information we could need and his favourite restaurant recommendations. We unloaded our stuff (and I changed into a much cooler outfit) then headed to walk around. We walked through Old Town Nice which was unbelievable. Buildings were intertwined within each other with tiny narrow streets filled with shops, bars and restaurants. We wandered got some gelato and then headed to the beach where we relaxed well into the evening. The next day we walked Old Town again, swam in the Mediterranean, suntanned until we were burnt (more so Myles), and then decided to train to Monaco. Friends had been telling us to get off mid way and wander the beaches for some cool restaurants and caves to swim in. Lets just say we failed at that because we got off at two different stops mid way and couldn't find anything, well I mean we found the beach but no caves. We continued on our way to Monaco and when we arrived we were completely lost. We had no idea what to do or where to go and could not for the life of us find any wifi. Monaco is known for the original Monte Carlo casino which has fancy cars parked all around it and to be honest it wasn't our favourite. We could are less about the casino, the fancy suits and dresses people were wearing and the expensive cars. Monaco kind of left a bad taste in our mouths so we decided to call it quits and head back to quaint little Nice. I think it was a good call on our part because it just really wasn't we wanted from this trip at all, we're more into old historic buildings and small towns. We returned to Nice and had a lovely dinner filled with lots of wine (mostly for Myles lets be honest) and delicious food! Also, we've been on track for eating gelato 2-3 times per day, lets see if we can keep this up.

Our time in Nice was short and we were already saying before we left that we want to come back again for longer. There's just something about this town that had our hearts from the time we arrived, we will be back! (But up next on the blog... our time in Barcelona, Spain!)