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Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion Wedding: Trisha & Jalen

Trisha & Jalen Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion Wedding

We first met Trisha and Jalen at Deep Cove when we took their engagement pictures. That day involved getting to know these guys while hiking up to Quarry Rock and we quickly learned what made Trisha and Jalen special. They laughed.. a lot... Like they would look at each other and laugh a lot. We would tell terrible jokes (Myles) and they would laugh. Their joy was contagious and we couldn't help but admire them as we took their pictures! We talked a lot about their December wedding and how we really hoped that there would be snow. Prayers were prayed, and fingers were crossed.

Flash forward to their wedding day, and us arriving to Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion finding that the lake has completely frozen over. Take a look at the pictures below and see how cool it looked! 

The day was really cold, and the entire wedding party was so amazing while we took their pictures despite goosebumps and frozen toes. The girls trekked through the snow in dresses, and had bare arms for most of the pictures!! The entire day had so much holiday charm from the light covered Christmas trees, to the hot coco bar filled with candy canes and eggnog. The night ended with songs from friends and family, a surprise dance from Trisha and her girls, and even an appearance from Santa. All in all, great day! 

Venue: Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion

Wedding Dress: Lisas Bridal

Hair: Maddy Bradly

Makeup: Whitney Martens

Groomsmen Attire: Moores

Florist: West Coast Green House

Catering: The Banqueting Table

Coordinator: Cheryl Stebbings


Glenbrook Park Wedding: Matt & Anna

Matt & Anna Glenbrook Park Wedding

Matt and Anna got married on a beautiful sunny day at the end of August and we truly feel honoured to have been there to capture it all. I've known Anna for a number of years as we both work as SEAs at an elementary school and I have also known her brother from snowboarding years ago.

Matt and Anna dated long distance for much of their relationship which Myles and I can relate to, it sucks... BUT when that ring was on her finger she knew that there would be no more goodbyes. The morning started off a bit cloudy and windy but by the time we arrived at the ceremony site, Glenbrook Park, the sun had came out. Matt and Anna's ceremony was one of the most beautiful ceremonies we have ever been a part of. They created the entire thing themselves and many happy tears were shed.

After the ceremony we headed over to Deer Lake Park to take some photos and we love that Anna was down to climb through some long grass in her dress. We returned to Glenbrook Park to their reception which was full of close family and friends from near and far. We don't think either of us, yes Myles included, have cried so much during speeches at any other wedding... including our own! You couldn't help but to shed a tear for how beautiful their family and friends spoke of both the bride and groom during speeches. The night ended with a great party (and candy bar)! We wish both Matt and Anna all the best as they move to Saskatoon to start their lives as Mr. & Mrs.!

PS. Anna's Dad made all of the woodwork and floral arrangements that decorated their ceremony and reception, we were blown away by how skilled and beautiful it was. Dad for the win!

Venue: Glenbrook Park Amenities Centre

Wedding Dress: Sposa Wedding World

Hair: Jill Offereins - Hairitage.J

Makeup: Shelby Neufeld - Simply Wild Artistry

Groomsmen Attire: Moores and The Bay

Florist: Father of the Bride! 

Catering: Klassic Catering - Cheryl Klassen

Musicians: - Matt and Marilee Boldt (ceremony music)