Whytecliff Park Engagement: Emily & Sam


Emily & Sam Whytecliff Engagement

It has been so long since we have shared our work on our blog! We are kicking off a string of new posts from this past summer with Sam and Emily. 

This engagement session was exactly 1 month after Aspen was born, and we were excited to hang out at one of our favourite sunset spots in Vancouver, Whytecliff Park. It was pretty busy for a Monday night, but we lucked out with some quiet spots before the sun started to set. It is spots like these that consistently take our breath away, reminding us how nice our part of the world really is. If you have never been before.. do yourself a favour and go.

The one thing we noticed right away about Sam and Emily is how calm and comfortable they are around each other and how they make everyone around them feel the same. Could spend many more nights with these two talking about life, taking pictures, and enjoying beautiful Vancouver. 

Stay tuned for their wedding which took place this past August! 

Redwood Park Engagement: Chelsea & Patrick

Chelsea & Patrick Redwood Park Engagement

It is not often that it snows here in Vancouver, and even less often that it sticks around for months on end! This year has been an interesting one so far, but we are thankful for the fluffy (icy) white stuff that we do not often have. 

Chelsea and Patrick really wanted pictures involving snow, and when we met them in the summer we thought we would have to drive to a local mountain. Thanks to this years crazy weather, we were able to stay in town and we couldn't have been happier! These two were so comfortable in front of the camera, and even more comfortable together. Their love shines through in these images, which every photographer dreams of. Overjoyed to be shooting their wedding this upcoming Spring!! 

Alloutte Lake Engagement: Elih & Rachel

Elih & Rachel Alloutte Lake Engagement

Holy cow! These two blew our minds. When we met with Rachel and Elih a few months ago we quickly realized that they were super fun loving people. As we chatted about their upcoming wedding we could not help but be excited for them as the start their lives together in marriage! These two are full of life, and didn't bat an eye when we suggested the possibility of taking some pictures in the lake, with smoke bombs going off behind them. It was not even a question. Of course they would do it. We were half joking.. they were not. 

These two are so perfect for each other, and the pictures do all the talking. Every hug showed us their immense love, and we could not help from smiling the moment we started. We are over the moon excited with how these turned out, and so encouraged to keep pushing our creative limits after spending the evening with Rachel and Elih.

Stay tuned for their upcoming November wedding!