Manning Park Wedding: Anne & Dylan

Anne & Dylan Manning Park Mountain Wedding

This weekend was one of our favourites of the year. Anne and Dylan had planned to be married in Manning Park, where Dylan had proposed! We were excited and a little anxious for this wedding because it would be our first weekend away with our 1-month-old baby. Thankfully Chantelle's mom jumped at the opportunity to spend an entire day with her new grandson.

We had so much fun at this wedding. First of all the ceremony was held at the beautiful Lightning Lake. Secondly, we were expecting rain but that never happened. Third, everyone who was in attendance at this wedding was in such good spirits and made the celebration all the more enjoyable. 

Some fun takeaways: Myles confirmed his fear of birds when they were dive bombing the bridal party who were holding out seeds. Dylan let one (a bird) eat off his head. Chantelle wore winter clothes in June and was still cold. Lastly, Anne and Dylan made us feel like family. 

Enjoy some of the magic from that day! 

Venue: Manning Park

Wedding Dress: House of Vienna

Hair: Anne!

Makeup: Also Anne! 

Groomsmen Attire: Indochino, HBC and Moores

Florist: Proline Trading

Catering: Manning Park Resort

Band/DJ: Craig at Dance Party Music Services

Grouse Mountain Wedding: Sharon & Richard

Sharon & Richard Grouse Mountain Wedding

Sharon and Richard are the best, seriously we've never had more supportive clients than these two. They live in Toronto but we actually have a few mutual friends here in Vancouver so when Sharon reached out to us to photograph their wedding we were so excited. Our friend Lane would be officiating their wedding and our friend Emily from Emily Cuthbert Designs would be doing some print work.

Since these two lived across the country, we had a tricky time finding a date that would work to photograph their engagement session. Sharon and Richard were in Vancouver for one weekend before their wedding day which also happened to be my due date. We let them know that we were totally down to shoot their engagement photos but we were anticipating a baby any day. Long story short I ended up going into labour on the day of their engagement session. The original plan was to shoot their photos in Vancouver but I had been admitted so we asked them if they would be okay switching the location closer to the hospital I was at. Believe it or not, we actually contemplated Myles leaving me at the hospital and going to their session then returning to my side.

Oh my goodness how naive were we! Soon enough I was in full blown labour and we had to cancel on them but we have never felt more supported by a client ever, they were amazing. Aspen was born the next morning.

Fast forward a few months later and we finally got to meet Sharon and Richard on their wedding day. We all had a good laugh about how we totally thought we could do their engagement session while I was in labour. The day was calm and relaxed as we made our way up to Grouse Mountain where Sharon and Richard exchanged vows overlooking the city of Vancouver. Every part of their day was filled with love and good times! So many laughs were shared and a lot of doughnuts were eaten (they had a doughnut wall!). We fought off what seemed like thousands of mosquitoes during portraits on the side of the mountain before entering their reception. We had such an awesome time getting to know these two and their friends and family and we can't wait to grab a drink next time they are in town!


Venue: Grouse Mountain

Wedding Dress: MJM Wedding Services

Hair: Headwaze Salon

Makeup: Skin Body Beauty by Lexi

Groomsmen Attire: Moores Clothing for Men

Florist: Proline Trading International Inc.

Catering: Grouse Mountain

Band/DJ: Absolute DJs

Coordinator: Roz Regan/Grouse Mountain

Videographers: Forever After Wedding Films

Calligraphy: Emily Cuthbert


We were trying to think of a way to make it up to Sharon and Richard but nothing really seemed enough. So when Sharon asked us to photograph/attend (Aspen too) their pool party the next day, it was a no brainer. They had rented an AirBnb in North Vancouver with a pool and invited their friends to a pool party to continue to celebrate with them before they returned to Toronto. We brought Aspen to meet the couple who's session he abruptly interrupted and we ate, hung out and photographed for the afternoon. Until Aspen being Aspen had the biggest diaper explosion ever. Only a baby would make an exit like that, again Sharon and Richard were there supporting us with laughs and help cleaning up the mess. You two rock, we hope to cross paths again soon, next time we will get a babysitter.