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Best of 2017: Engagement

2017 Engagements

2017 was a year spent pushing ourselves creatively.

Vancouver has an amazing pool of talent when it comes to photography, and we tried really hard to find 'our voice' in the crowd. Having a lot less energy and time (love you Aspen) meant that we had to take advantage of every opportunity that life passed our way. This meant moving out of our comfort zone and into a world of taking risks, making a lot of mistakes, and saying 'yes' to things that scared us. 

As we look back at some of the images we produced this year one thing became very clear to us. We really love our clients. They let us (mostly Myles) try things that seem weird while completely trusting in us. No idea why, but they do! We are proud of this past year and can truly see growth in ourselves as artists. Being able to look back and be encouraged by your own work can be a struggle sometimes!

All that being said, we love these images and all of the conversations that these images don't capture. Being able to see these images and be reminded of great sunset chats, rain-soaked laughter, wading into lakes, and the quiet moments where we stop and say 'wow, this is beautiful'. 

Enjoy! We should be posting some of our favourites from our 2017 wedding season soon!