Our wedding package includes a complimentary engagement session. Why? Because we love and value this time spent getting to know you. It is also an opportunity to have a lot of fun! We enjoy exploring to new places that are special to you, or places that look amazing, or somewhere you are most comfortable. We don't mind water (Myles doesn't mind..) and getting wet, we love smoke bombs, sparklers, confetti bombs, and anything else we missed that can make your pictures extra special!  

We have learned (from experience) that it is important to have your picture taken before your wedding to break down any nerves and learn how we operate with cameras in our hands. We will figure out the best way to communicate our vision with you, which helps us find the best way to bring out your uniqueness!

Some cues we pick up on: 

1. Body language - do you look uncomfortable?

2. Verbal Cues - are you telling us you think it is weird?

3. The image - does it look good?

4. Trial and Error - not afraid to try new things!

Check out our blog for more engagement pictures!



thekoebels (1 of 1).jpg

We want to set very clear expectations. We LOVE larger than life images that display sweeping landscapes, flown to remote areas by helicopter, showing brides with windblown hair covered head to toe in flowers with flowing dresses looking indifferent to it all and... well you get it. 

Life is NOT always like that.

What we really love is being able to show YOU. Your personality, your relationship, and all the little quirks that make you and your fiancé unique in this world. What hobbies do you love? How did you meet? Are you romantic, love fun, or are you calm and reserved?  We love being able to capture the true you, and that starts with getting to know you two! 

No two people are the same, which means your photos are going to be unique to you! While we do bring inspiration from other photos we have taken, we will try to create something for you that no one else has. 




We use an online gallery service to provide your with all your images!

This gallery is designed to beautifully showcase your images and to be shared with friends and family.


1) Enter Gallery

Enter the gallery using the password we provided in our email.


2) Download and Favourite Images

Once you have entered the galley you will be able to see all of your images!

Circled in red on the image below is the download and favourite button. As you scroll through your images 'favourite' your images by pressing the white heart, and this will create a gallery of your favourites that you can download separately later. The download button allows you to download the entire gallery at once.

              Download and favourite button highlighted in red

             Download and favourite button highlighted in red


3) Share your images!

Our web-sized files are optimized for facebook and instagram! Most of our business comes from social media, so we ask that you give us credit when posting, whether it be a tag or a mention.

If you want to share your favourite images with your friends and family without giving them access to your entire gallery, create a shareable link! This will give you a link that you can send out and have other people download images. We find this particularly helpful when sharing family portraits with parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins. 


4) Save Files

Once you have your files downloaded, store them somewhere safe!

We recommend keeping two or three copies of your images. One on your main device, and the other on a hard drive, or even better use a cloud service such as dropbox, google drive, or amazon drive.

We keep your gallery live for 30 days to download. After 30 days you will need to message us to access the gallery again!


and lastly...


5) Print your photos!

Print your photos and cover your house from floor to ceiling!

There is something magic about having a beautifully printed photograph of you and your partner. We cherish printed photos deeply, and strongly believe that you should too!

Our images are optimized to be printed at the highest quality with professional printing companies. If you have any questions about where you should have your photos enlarged or printed please ask.