Pitt Lake Engagement: Anne & Dylan

Anne & Dylan Pitt Lake Engagement

Sometimes people make you laugh. Anne and Dylan became these people when they expressed that they were a bit nervous because they had never had their photos taken before. What caused us to laugh is how good their nerves looked! Not sure if they believed us when we told them how well things were going, but after seeing these photos we wish we looked this good when we are nervous. 

We are very excited to spend more time with these guys on their wedding day in Manning Park this upcoming summer. Adventure is in their blood, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate their love for each other and the outdoors, than to flee to the mountains with family and friends. Praying for sunshine and maybe a few deer to grace the ceremony!!

Granville Island Engagement: Taylor & Carlon

Taylor & Carlon Granville Island Engagement

We first met these two at a wedding last summer, when we were photographing Shelby and Adam on their wedding day. Being Adams brother, Carlon was in the wedding party which gave us a full day together! Fast forward a few months and we are taking family pictures, and Carlon's dad approaches me and whispers: "you know, they are looking for photographers for their wedding so we hope today goes well!"

Things went well! One coffee shop hangout later and we were planning for their wedding.

It is always fun working with different family members of previous bride and grooms. You see a whole different side of the family, and start to piece together the wonderful dynamics that as an outsider you don't normally experience.

For their engagement pictures we picked a day and it just so happened to be the only sunny Sunday in all of March. It also happened to be on Granville Island where the rest of Vancouver was enjoying this miracle break from the rain. It was busy, but we made it work and we love all the amazing colours we were able to capture. After all this rain, we needed some colour. 

Thank you Taylor and Carlon for allowing me to experiment with some new techniques, and for doing things like jumping into each others arms without batting an eye. 

Redwood Park Engagement: Chelsea & Patrick

Chelsea & Patrick Redwood Park Engagement

It is not often that it snows here in Vancouver, and even less often that it sticks around for months on end! This year has been an interesting one so far, but we are thankful for the fluffy (icy) white stuff that we do not often have. 

Chelsea and Patrick really wanted pictures involving snow, and when we met them in the summer we thought we would have to drive to a local mountain. Thanks to this years crazy weather, we were able to stay in town and we couldn't have been happier! These two were so comfortable in front of the camera, and even more comfortable together. Their love shines through in these images, which every photographer dreams of. Overjoyed to be shooting their wedding this upcoming Spring!!